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LB City Council to vote on more green space in West Long Beach!

Link to Councilman Uranga’s current memo
re: Terminal Island Transition Plan [HERE]

Link to City Council Agenda listing
Councilman Uranga’s item (see page 7) is [HERE]

Link to last time LB City Council took action
(2015) on Terminal Island Transition Plan

‘Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone’: West Long Beach Still Awaits ‘Promised’ Park, Residents Protest New Developments

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Riverpark Coalition and LA Waterkeeper have prevailed in court!

More information will be coming soon, but in the mean time, below are links to our Press Release, the Court’s Ruling, and Press Coverage so far:

Read Riverpark Coalition and LA Waterkeepers press release HERE

Read LA Superior Court Ruling HERE

Read LB Post article on the ruling HERE

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Text in Image: April 23, 2022 - Earth Day Cleanup - DeForest Park, 6255 DeForest Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805

Click Here for a Google map to DeForest Park

Join The Bixby Knolls Clean Streets Teams November 12th!

The Bixby Knolls Clean Streets teams are holding a clean up event near the intersection of Del Amo and LA River.

The teams will be focusing mainly on the greenbelt north of Del Amo accross from the Dominguez Gap.

This will be a two hour event from 9 to 11 AM, and will include some students from Lindsey Academy, Merk Pharma, and other neighbors.

Dianna Lejins will be talking to participants (especially the kids), about the native plants in the area.

We’ll see you there!

Here is a Google Map to the location:
[Click or Tap HERE to see the map]

Previously Posted:

Riverpark Coalition Files Suit Against City to Save the Future River Park

We at Riverpark Coalition are proud to announce that we have partnered with the prominent environmental watchdog organization Los Angeles Waterkeeper and have filed suit against the City of Long Beach to save the future River Park!

You can read the full text of our press release and lawsuit here.

Specifically, our lawsuit seeks to force an environmental impact report (EIR), which is necessary to address significant environmental, biological, recreational, and cultural impacts that the RV parking lot and self-storage development at 3701 Pacific Place would present.  We hope and expect this lawsuit to forestall this ill-conceived, anti-river revitalization, anti-open space equity project.

This parcel has long been promised to the western Long Beach community as its future river park and nature preserve for the last 25 years in river master plan after river master plan.  The City of Long Beach has gone back on its word and greenlit InSite Property Group to build yet another addition to the concrete commercialized wasteland characterizing so much of the river.  And they did it illegally, without the required EIR under the California Environmental Quality Act.

We will not stand for it.  We have just begun to fight for open space, river revitalization, and putting community first over corporate exploitation.

Here’s a video of our most recent announcement, and the Community Roundup event that followed!